History Begijnhof

From 1307 onwards Begijnen have lived in Amsterdam. Two city fires burned down the Begijnhof and the church, but they were restored and the Begijnhof was made bigger.


  • Every day there are two Masses in the chapel.
  • The chapel: open whole day.
  • The priests of the chapel are available for confession and personal talks.

Miracle of Amsterdam

In 1345 a Eucharistic Miracle happend in the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam. When the roman catholic religion was forbidden, the remembrance of this Miracle moved to the Begijnhof Chapel, a
so called ‘hidden church’. All paintings and stained-glass-windows refer this.


To remember your visit to the Begijnhof or to give some presents to your relatives we have some small gifts. But also information in English about the history of the Begijnhof and the chapel.